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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


All my life I've liked to travel there is sooooo much more to see than stayin stuck in my city St. Petersburg, Fl, don't get me wrong, St. Pete is a beautiful place but there's a huge world out there with just as much beauty. Because of my illness though, I'm kind of confined, not knowing when or where I'll come into contact with my next Sickle Cell crisis, so, I stay close to my surroundings.

Sitting at home getting tired of my everyday routine has lad me to where I am today. I hunted, searched, and tried every school online and stay at home job I could find, with no avail. My disability income was killing my mood to have fun and enjoy life how I truly wanted. So one day, my brother had an Asian wedding in December, I had developed a beautiful bond with the wedding planner after I had told her my dreams of becoming a party planner, and traveling and making people gape with awe by the way things were put together. The wedding planner told me that planning a party is one of the most exciting yet easiest things to do, "you could do it with your eyes closed," but because of your illness, you wont be able to do it alone. Find your passion, but I believe you can do it. So all through my brothers wedding preparation she kept checking on me and assuring me that I could actually achieve the goal of becoming a party planner. She was right!

My first party was weird though, I didn't know where to start, how to start, or what exactly to do. So I had a lingerie party. It wasn't what I expected, but the ladies had fun, they loved the food and decorations and th atmosphere was just amazing! And that's when I knew...Party Planning was for me! I got my business cards made and started my research on party planning. There where lots of schools that had courses for Event & Wedding Planning but none on party planning. So I called my brother's wedding planner and she explained to me that I shouldn't want to sit there giving my money away to a school for a certificated to learn how to do something I already knew how to do. She also explained that she never went to school for wedding planning, it was in her passion.

So I got on it...I ordered books, tapped into websites, found vendors and even set myself up a free website. I was shocked when Some one from my lingerie party explained they wanted me to plan their Diva theme party for them. My turn to shine! Yesssssss! I did everything on my own, it would have been better to have the help that I needed but, I was just getting started in the business. The party was great and every one was happy and satisfied. Exactly what I wanted. After the party I found a free business 101 class in Tampa and was amazed that I had took all the right steps in starting my business just as the speaker had said. I was so proud of myself. Learning all the permits, licensing and other necessary needed paperwork has bought me where I am today. A certified party planner.

Now, I plan to expand. Hire more people to my team, market and advertise more and excel in all aspects. So if your looking for a way to earn a few dollars for part time work and have marketing, advertising and partying experience, Inbox me and let me know!


Rachel Lee said...

This is THE cutest baby i think i have ever seen.. :D

Renèe Gray said...

Wow! Such an inspirational story! Sounds like you took all the right steps to get you where you are today! Nice job!

I too just had my first SUPRISE! encounter with party planning. I was told last year that would get the opportunity to help assist with a wedding in Sept. so now fast forward to March. The planner needs me to do a walk thru... in a country club! I'll never turn down an opportunity to do something new or learn something different, so OK. We went over the notes but still... got there and I was like ok tell me what we gonna do, basically to the hostess... she ran the show. I didn't know we were providing the movie screen and projector amongst a few other things. Step and Repeat? What's that? Lol lol I realized after I left that I should have been taking Them step by step by my notes and making notes.
Well I took video as requested had good notes but yeah... still waiting for feedback from the coordinator. Lol
fly me down I'll help

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